CONTIPOXY 1288(EP-988)

The high solids coating based on epoxy resin with anti-corrosive pigment and mica powder.

Product Information

USES Used for ship, bridges, tanks, pipelines, petrochemical plants and steel structures.
  • Tough and hard film, excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent anti-corrosion and water resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to oils and chemicals.
  • Use green anticorrosion pigment in formula, both excellent inhibitory and hiding performance of corrosive protection for steel.
  • Can be applied to variety types of coating, or be coated a variety types of coating, for the best maintenance coating.
  • When primer use PU700 and topcoat use high weather resistant paint, the anti-corrosion performance is especially excellent.
FINISH Semi-gloss
COLOR Gray, Brown
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