R & D

To establish the perfect technical cooperation,and interchange the high tech knowledge … Yung-Chi has tried many efforts to develop the perfect technical cooperation and exchange the intelligence with much famous global enterprises. The R&D will continuously research and development the new products with high performance, special function, green concept, as well as promote the current paint systems with lower cost benefits for creating the competitive advantages from the views of global marketing.

R&D Manpower Distribution

R&D Result

  • The tin-free hydrolysis self-polishing anti-fouling paint with excellent resistance to oils and fouling, the evaluation has been making on saling ship.
  • The FM-906 water-based fire-retardant coating passed BS476 Part21 test by Exova Warrington UK to obtain fire-retardant performance for 90 minutes.
  • Secured the GBM (Green Building Material) marker related certificate from Ministry of the Interior for FM-906 water-based fire-retardant paint.
  • Secured IMO and NK/A-60 Deck & Bulkhead certification and certificate for Rainbow Putty 812 & Sealant 816.
  • Developed high-build fluorocarbon finish coat.
  • Development water-based white board paint.
  • Launched the sales of corrugated steel plate color paint.
  • Launched the sales of water-based ready mixed paint.
  • Developed one-part water-based outdoor woodenware varnish (YOT-705 Series).
  • Developed weather-resistant modified silicone polyester resin (SMP-300) and started the production.
  • Developed manual PU hardener (YCP-2406) and launched production.
  • Developed high-hardness PU elastomer (Shore D 255).
  • Secured the invention patent for color steel crystal paint.
  • The Cool Roof heat insulation for coil coating was developed and sold to North American.
  • The roller type of water-based wood flat paint (YWT-600) was developed sucessfully.
  • Developed the solvent-based NC/PU woodenware primer and finish coat and launched production.
  • The roller type of water-based wood primer (YWP-108) was developed sucessfully.
  • Developed the antiseptic varnish (UV201 and UV202) for paper polishing and launched production.
  • Developed the PVC wall panel clear varnish UV101 and started the production.
  • Secured the certification from major plants for new generation of color photo resistance related paint dispersion agent and now it has been successfully distributed in the market.
  • The development of high-solids epoxy glass flake coating was completed and began selling.
  • The development of high temperature corrosion prevention coating for CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) environment was completed.
  • The special leveling agent (YCP-620A) for coil coating was developed and began production.
  • The high-build PVDF system of coil coating was developed and widely used for big building, indoors / outdoors.
  • The development of anti-bacterial coil coating was completed.
  • The FW-230 water-based fire retardant coating obtains the certification of national fire test class 2.
  • The Rainbow Houses adopt advanced computer color match system, and the concept museum were open in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, the sale of paints enters the new age of “color on sale".
  • The SA3000 Water-based Dirt Pick-up Elastic Paint with excellent resistance to water, weather, dirt, improves problem of water-staining and is the best new choice of green paint.
  • The colors paste for photoresist obtain the certification and adoption from famous factories.