Employee Benefits Measures

  • Establishment of Employee Welfare Committee:The company allocates approximately 10 million New Taiwan Dollars annually in welfare funds and exempts employees from contributing to the welfare fund. Through the input of the Employee Welfare Committee members, various high-quality welfare measures are planned, including gifts for the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Labor Day, employee birthdays, employee travel subsidies, anniversary events, and cultural courses.
  • Employee Dormitories:Employee dormitories are established in Kaohsiung City to provide full or partial subsidies for employees living more than 100 kilometers away from the company.
  • Cash Gifts or Subsidies:Marriage and childbirth cash gifts, children's educational assistance, funeral allowances, lunch subsidies (Xiaogang main factory provides a daily self-payment lunch subsidy of NT$10, while other regions provide a daily lunch subsidy of NT$80).
  • Friendly Working Environment:Provide friendly and safe working environment; ensure reasonable working hours for employees, If working hours are extended, we will fully communicate with employees and establish their wishes to promote employees to achieve a balance between work and personal life. Regarding leave policies, in addition to the two-day weekend and statutory holidays, if employees need a longer leave due to maternity, major illnesses, or major accidents, etc. they may apply for unpaid leave, Employees can apply for reinstatement after the expiration of the unpaid leave period. Equal maternity and paternity leave and other leave rights are provided to accommodate employees' needs in balancing personal and family care needs.
  • Gender Workplace Equality:To ensure that the employment, compensation, and careers of female employees are not affected, the salary system supports gender equality. The salaries of the same entry positions are identical. For those with relevant professional expertise and work experience, positions and salaries are determined based on factors such as educational background, professional experience, years of service, previous job roles, and work experience. Salaries for employees at all levels are not influenced by gender, religion, nationality, or political orientationt, to establish an open and inclusive organization that embraces diverse backgrounds. The starting salary and salary adjustment ratio for new entry-level employees are identical for all genders  to create equal pay for equal work environment and, truly embodying the principles of workplace gender equality.

Company Workplace Gender Equality and Diversity Policy

Our company is committed to providing employees with a dignified and safe working environment. We implement diversity in our hiring practices and ensure fairness in compensation and promotion opportunities. We guarantee that employees will not face discrimination, harassment, or unequal treatment based on race, gender, religious beliefs, age, political orientation, or any other condition protected by applicable laws.
We value employee diversity, and we have significantly increased the employment of individuals with disabilities, surpassing the mandated number under the Disability Rights Protection Act (which requires employing 7 individuals, we have employed double the amount, with a focus on those with severe disabilities, counting each person as two). Additionally, for the 8 indigenous employees currently employed as of 2022, we respect their cultural customs, and there have been no incidents violating their work rights and human rights.


Employee Ethnicity Indicators

Category Percentage of Total Employees (%) Percentage in Management Positions (%)
Republic of China Nationality 90.9% 100.0%
Foreign Nationality 7.8% 0.0%
Indigenous 1.2% 0.0%


Female Diversity Indicators

Indicator Percentage (%) 2030 Target
Female Percentage of Total Employees(%) 21.4% 25.0%
Female Percentage of All Supervisors(%) 17.5% 20.0%
Female Percentage of Frontline Supervisors(%) 19.3% 25.0%
Female Percentage of Top Executives (CEO ≤ Two Levels)(%) 0.0% 10.0%
Female Percentage in Revenue-Generating Units(%) 13.2% 18.0%
Female Percentage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Related Positions(%) 17.1% 20.0%


Other Diversity Indicators

Category Percentage of Full-Time Equivalent Employees FTEs Percentage(%)
Persons with Disabilities 2.1%
All Employees Grouped by Age:< 30 years old 11.7%
Grouped by Age:30 ~ 50 years old 61.3%
Grouped by Age:>50 years old 27.1%
Total 100.0%


Other Diversity Indicators

Pay Equity Indicators Gap (%)
Gender Pay Gap (Average) 9.2%
Gender Pay Gap (Median) 8.1%
Gender Pay Gap (Average Variable Bonus) 17.7%
Gender Pay Gap (Median Variable Bonus) 0.3%

Retirement System and Implementation Status

Pension System Old System New System
Applicable Legal Basis Labor Standards Act Labor Retirement Pension Act
How to Allocate To allocate 2-15% of each employee's monthly total salary, depositing it in the company's name into the designated account at the Bank of Taiwan (formerly Central Trust of China). Contribute 6% based on the employee's insured level to the individual account at the Labor Insurance Bureau.
Allocation Amount Accumulated amount of labor retirement reserve fund: NTD 316,065 (thousand New Taiwan Dollars) The allocated amount for the year 2022 is New Taiwan Dollars 18,460 (thousand).

Human Rights Policy

Please refer to the " Sustainable Development Implementation "section under the "Governance/Shareholders' Meeting Annual Report" on the company's website. Specifically, refer to item "Four, Social Issues" and sub-item "(One) Whether the company has formulated relevant management policies and procedures in accordance with relevant regulations and international human rights conventions?" for a summary explanation of the implementation status.

The company acknowledges and supports the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and complies with local labor regulations at its locations. Internal employee opinion communication/complaint email boxes are set up at various card swipe locations. Key points of our human rights policy include:

  • Prohibition of Child Labor:The company does not hire and does not support the employment of child labor. The age of new hires is verified to prevent the occurrence of child labor.
  • Prohibition of Forced Labor and Labor Events:The company does not require employees to submit or deposit any form of deposit or identification documents upon hiring, and does not support such practices. Full communication with employees and the establishment of consent are ensured in the case of extended working hours.
  • Prohibition of Unlawful Discrimination:The company does not engage in or support any form of discrimination based on race, social class, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliations in matters such as employment, compensation, training, promotion, termination, or retirement.
  • Gender Equality:The company does not permit and does not support any behavior that is coercive, threatening, insulting, or exploitative, including gestures, language, and physical contact.