The one-pack, moist curing type of primer based on polyisocyanate resin with rust prevent pigments such as zinc powder, flake and rust-converter etc.

Product Information

USES Used for steel structures, bridges, tanks, steel pipes and steel ware to anti-corrosion and maintenance.
  • Saving time and cost because of one component and easy application.
  • Moist curing type of coating can be applied in highly humid environment.
  • Excellent permeability to rust surface due to low viscosity then can fully wetting and tightly seal with rust surface and steel substrates.
  • Suitable for the steel substrates which prepared by water-jetting or by hand and power tool cleaning and being unable to blast.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, water, weather, and are qualified CNS 10757 K6801 for 3000 hours of salt spray(fog)test.
  • Very fast drying and saving time.
COLOR Brown, Gray
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